Healthy Eating Book


Healthy Eating Book

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Tombrown is a dietary supplement that is frequently consumed as porridge and is produced from a variety of healthful, locally available ingredients.

Tombrown pap, a delectable local Nigerian cuisine, can be used in place of custards, pap, oats, and other similar delicacies. This concentrate is produced from a mixture of soybeans, peanuts, millet, crayfish, corn, and sporadically dried fish.

The combination of different grains and cereals provides your body with many nutrients and nourishments that custard or pap cannot provide.

If you’re a mother looking for a nourishing formula for your child, Tombrown is a fantastic choice. Tombrown is one of the best infant foods in Nigeria. It is perfect for weaning children because of its crucial nutrients for growth and development. It can be consumed by adults too. It is not only for children. Due to its excellent nutritional value, it is suitable for individuals of all ages, even the elderly.


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